For the last nine years, I have been tutoring students from NYC's best private and public institutions (Horace Mann, Riverdale, Dalton, Chapin, Brearley, Spence, Packer, Loyola, Sacred Heart, Nightingale, Birch Wathen Lenox, St.Hilda’s, Calhoun, Rudolf Steiner, St. Ann’s, Heschel, etc).

My tutoring services specialize in addressing executive dysfunction, ADHD, ADD, and anxiety, in addition to the basic organizational and motivational problems that often coexist.

I am also a licensed psychotherapist in private practice where I work with adolescents and adults. I provide a unique combination of tutoring services that addresses academic and test-prep needs by discerning a child’s cognitive and affective strengths and challenges. My services are especially useful with children who have learning differences, confidence issues, and anxiety around testing.  

For five years, I have taught math and verbal SAT classes for Prep for Prep, an organization that supports NYC's most promising students of color.

My Approach

I see each child as a unique individual with strengths, challenges, and enormous potential for growth.  I take great care in understanding your child’s personality, academic needs, and learning style in order to create an individualized plan for success. Whether you are seeking help with academics, executive functioning skills, test-prep, or college admissions, I will make your child’s educational pursuits more manageable and more enriching. 

When interacting with students, I work to create a trusting, open learning environment by being respectful, compassionate, and prepared. When interacting with parents, I strive to communicate my perspective on your child’s needs and abilities in an honest, thoughtful, and constructive manner.  My goal is to make my students’ heavy workloads more feasible by fostering better organizational habits and a healthy work ethic.

Education & Training

L.C.S.W. in Clinical Practice with Individuals and Families, Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College

Magna Cum Laude B.A. in Philosophy, Barnard College, Columbia University

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training, American Institute for Psychoanalysis/Karen Horney Clinic

Brief Strategic Family Therapy Training, Brief Strategic Family Therapy Institute


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