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Whether a student has an essay on the Odyssey due later in the week or a long-term history project about the Roman Empire, I will assist her with organizing, outlining, identifying grammatical errors, strengthening thesis statements, and developing compelling evidence for her arguments. Together we will demystify the essay writing process and discover her beliefs about the human condition.

Does your teenager love to read Twilight or the Hunger Games, but can't seem to get into the Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick, or 20th century history?  Surprise, surprise!  I facilitate the improvement of students’ reading comprehension by making reading an interactive, engaging process. Together we will read out loud, look up strange vocabulary words, use visual aids to guide straying eyes and eliminate distractions, take notes on key ideas and themes, and bring to life Hamlet himself.

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Does algebra make your child's head spin? Do equations look like an alien language sent from outer space to torture him? Does the area of a circle have less chance of being remembered during tomorrow's test than your internet password from 1999?

Let's win this game of strategy together and help your child develop complex, abstract, logical thinking. Once broken down into small, manageable parts, any mathematical problem becomes feasible. Little by little, I will teach your child to see math as a puzzle with many routes to the solution. Practice is an essential game-changer that leads to quantitative improvements and increased confidence.


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