The Application

Chances are your teenager's room doesn't look like this.


With approximately 5 to 15 college application deadlines looming ahead, in addition to academics, extracurricular activities, and one last swing at the SATs, the average high school senior is swimming in an overwhelming sea of demands. Luckily, a little strategy, prioritization, and planning ahead goes a long way. Whether a student needs help with crafting a killer resume, organizing her application supplements, or preparing for a college interview, I will provide an emotionally supportive environment and clear guidelines so that she can feel confident that she's putting her best foot forward.

The Essay

Personal essays might be the most daunting part of the college admissions process. They are also what college admissions officers focus on most when all other factors (GPAs, standardized test scores, leadership positions) are even, or when they are open to making an exception in their usual admissions protocol.

While it's hard to know where to start with open-ended essay questions that basically allow your child to write about ANYTHING, the personal essay is also your child's opportunity to express himself in a meaningful way. With gentle probes and an open mind, I will help your child explore his options through brainstorming and experimentation until he discovers his story. Then we will work through several drafts (writing is re-writing), solicit feedback from other key players (the college admissions counselor, trusted English teacher, etc), and narrow in on a finalized essay that your child is proud to call his own. The personal essay is truly the cornerstone of any college admissions application.


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