Standardized Tests

Whether your child is planning to take the SAT, ACT, PSAT, Literature Subject Test, ISEE, the Common Core English Language Arts & Math exams, the Regents Competency Tests (RCTs) in Math, Global Studies, US History and Government, & Reading, the Comprehensive English Regents exam, or the Global History and Geography Regents exam, I will help them improve their scores and increase their confidence about their testing abilities. If your child is already an excellent test-taker, I will guide her in improving her already stellar score by highlighting her strengths and honing in on her struggles. If your child has a learning difference or attention issue that makes testing especially challenging, I will assess her needs and tailor my approach to her learning style. 

I believe that studying for a standardized test is like training for a marathon: it takes motivation, consistency, rigorous practice, an eye on the prize, and trust in one's abilities.

Standardized tests generate anxiety in many children (and adults), and reducing that anxiety enables the brain to perform unhindered. When helpful, I use a mindfulness-based approach that includes cognitive behavioral techniques (such as, letting go of worry thoughts or re-framing old beliefs about oneself), improved affect regulation (such as, creating internal calm through deep breathing or physical grounding), and brief meditation (such as, taking 60 seconds to clear one's mind and start fresh on a challenging problem). Depending on your child's particular needs, I will incorporate various tools that will help him demonstrate the knowledge that he has acquired and the capacity to perform under pressure. Even if your child aces calculus, loves to read poetry, and is at the top of his class, mastering a standardized test is its own journey that requires specialized attention and the development of new skills.


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